Pontoon Rebuilding

Make that old pontoon look new without the new boat payment!

Is your pontoon old and tired, but the toons still have plenty of life left in them?  If so consider a pontoon rebuild.  This process can be as inclusive as stripping it down to the toons and starting over to just replacing the seats, its all up to you!

We offer many different options for each level of rebuild desired.  If your floor is still solid we can leave it as it as just replace the seats, if its worn and rotted we can replace it with special pontoon grade treated plywood.  Don't settle for the stuff from the big box stores, it will warp and twist.


Our seating is manufactured by Deck Mate and features a 6 year warranty.

Features include:  32oz Marine vinyl, no wood parts, stainless steel hardware, molded in drain channels

Premium Seating Color Options:

Luxury Seating Color Options:


We offer many seat sizes to fit your boat and maximize your space and storage.  Sizes include:

Corners- 28", 30" & 36" Bow Radius Corners

Bench Seats- 28", 38", 55"

Misc. Parts- Flip Seats, Arm Rest, Lean Backs, Helms, and Captains Seats


We also have many new flooring options to upgrade from that old moldy carpet.  Almost all new boats feature one of these flooring types and they are sure to give you many years of great low maintenance service.

Pontoon Fencing

Go from this:

To this:

The fencing on your pontoon boat is one of the first things people see, and it tells a story of your boat.  Exposed to the sun and the elements it will show your boats age as quick as anything on the boat.  Depending on the condition of your fence rails we can either replace the whole unit for a completely brand new look or just the flat fencing if your rails are in good shape.

We have many colors to choose from so you're sure to find one you like:

Blue, Burgundy, Black, Bronze Metallic, Champagne, & White Metallic

Bimini Tops

The fabric on your Bimini is always under the weather and a very easy thing to update.  We offer 3 different levels of Bimini replacements:

Economy- Features 1" aluminum tubing and an 8 oz. polyester top with matching storage boot

Deluxe- Features 1.25" aluminum tubing, an 8 oz. polyester top, matching boot, and sizes of up to 8' 6" x 10'

Power Top- Features 1.25" aluminum tubing, and easy push button or remote control use for quick and easy storage

Color Choices:

Want more information or to book an appointment for an estimate?  Schedule online for more information: